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Slow play

I have tried everything but my game is been ruined for many players due to slow play of some.We have a large TV which displays a round clock. we normally play 3 boards a round with 21 minutes a round.My problem is i have a few well maybe more than a few who just don't care and refuse to speed up.It would not matter if i gave them 30 minutes they would think they should get more time.Please help tell me does your club have a set policy on slow play if so share it with me please.These players are playing a socail club game not the Bermuda Bowl but soe will sit for 2 3 minutes to play a card or will take 10 minutes for 1 hand and expect the same amount of time on the next.Today hard feelings were caused when some players felt they had to play faster to catch up slower players.Suggestions welcome and thank you.

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