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Slam bidding in a relay system

After resolving distribution there are several ways to explore slam. One group continues relaying to ask for specific cards without setting a denomination, the first non-relay bid will then define the endcontract. Another group sets the denomination ans then uses RKCB, Spiral Scan, possibly Lackwood.

To the first group belong 1) aking for parity of aces, then scanning for Ks, Qs as described in Bulding a Bidding System, 2) asking for controls (TOSR) or slam points (MOSCITO) followed by denial cuebids.

The second group uses some form of Mulberry as in good old Regres or an improved version as described in some articles in Kit's Korner. 4 usually forces 4 after which relayer can ask for KCs in all suits (and 4 forces 4 in order to sign off). Another variation could be two-under transfers to the final denomination for s/o or RKCB at the same time asking for some other information like min/max by answering R+1 or R+2.

I am not polling because I am more interested in opinions then in percentages. A constraint in our system is that distribution is resolved with 3 or 3N, most of the time, so any follow-up starts with 4.

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