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Sim Request

This may be silly, and it may prove fruitless -- won't be the first time I've been either -- but I know there are folks in this community who LOVE them some sims.

So: On the auction1M (11-14) -3N (13-15), what about comparisons between 3N or 4M when M bidder is 5-3-3-2 and responder is 4-3-3-3. I know the overall math -- Pavlecek's site is go to -- but my intuition is clanging and I wonder whether the %s change based upon values. What are the expectations with 12 in the 5M opposite 13, 14, 15? 14 in the 5M opposite 13, 14, 15?

If anyone is willing, I'd appreciate the courtesy. If it seems more appropriate, please message me.


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