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My friend Carl Berenbaum, a frequent attendee of Northeast regionals,  was playing teams at the Westchester Tarrytown (NY) tournament. His opponents were two World Class players who had the following auction:

1 - (P) - 2- (P)

2 - (P) - 3 - (P)

4 - (DBL) - P - (P)

4 - (P) - 5 - All P.

2 was game forcing and 4 was a splinter. Carl was on lead and led the A from AJxx!

Dummy held AKQTxx xx Jxxx.

The only lead to beat the contract was a heart to partner's A followed by the obvious diamond shift. Nothing was said at the table. Later in the hallway it was disclosed that the double was conventional and called for another lead- however what I have left out was the tempo of the bidding. Partner's double was fast. Carl (and this kibbitzer) knew that she wanted a heart lead. No one would have been surprised to see a heart lead and the match swung on this board.

Bravo Carl. 

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