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Should Womens' Bridge Events Exist?

Many years ago there were Men’s, Women’s and open events. Because of the qualifying system for what was then the "Pairs Olympiad" this was unfair to women as the Men’s' pairs were a source of qualifying points but the Women’s' only qualified you for the Women’s' event.

So "Men’s' and Women’s" became open and Women’s. But there were still Women’s' events at the world level and high finishes in NABC events gave one qualification credentials for the Venice Cup, etc.Meanwhile, several things have happened -

1. The USBF has taken over Women’s' team trials. It is true that there are positioning points available from NABC Women’s' events, but there aren't really necessary.

2. Women have been competing in open events and acquitting themselves well. There is NO reason or handicap that would cause a NEED for these events. Arguably their existence is demeaning.

3. Women’s' events have been shrinking in ACBL land. The Wagar is the worst example but I think this has generally been the pattern since the men/women division was eliminated.So the question is are these events still wanted or needed? I hope I don't start a firestorm, but I think this discussion needs to take place. Personally, I have too much respect for the bridge ability of the ladies I play with and against to feel they are necessary.

Leave things as they are!
Bring back Men's AND Women's events.
You are right - let's end them.
Not only should we end them but we should petition the WBF to do likewise.
Other (please explain)

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