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Should bridge go green?

Curious to know what people think about this.

With all the technology available to bridge today, it is an easy thing to make all bridge tournaments - that is to say, ones that involve distance travel - online. Since flying is about the worse thing we can do environmentally, this could be the bridge community's contribution. One could easily imagine other communities responding in kind. Conferences, chess tournaments, a lot of business unnecessarily done face to face, air travel for fun. It could start a world-wide  movement.

It would be fantastic publicity for bridge, which could really do with improving its image. It would be a huge financial saving. 

So what do you say?

Yes, let's do the environmentally good thing, let's make bridge green.
No, nobody else is doing anything about it, why should we?
I know it's the right thing to do, but I wanna have fun.
Global warming? It's a scam. Now where are the cards?

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