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Should 1nt-2nt show 8-9 hcp or just 8 hcp?

In a recent thread on 14-16 nt, Emil Dimitrov said he would raise on 9 precisely, if I understood correctly. I've always thought that you should raise a 15-17 nt  to 2nt on 8 precisely, not 8-9 as you see in some books.  

(For the nitpickers, we are talking about 'equivalents' here, ie if you think AKxxx is as good as 8hcp then we will regard it as 8hp here.)

This is my reasoning:

The break even figure for 3nt is 24 hcp I believe, but as Emil said, some may want 25 to bid it.  And of course, there's the IMPS versus matchpoints consideration.  But inviting on 8 exactly puts opener in a better position that inviting on 8-9.

Suppose you invite on 8-9.  Now opener MUST accept on 16, or else miss a 25 pt game.  So we reach a 16/8 game on 24hcp, willy nilly. However, if you invite on 8 exactly, it's true that you reach a 15/9 game when you bid 3nt on 9hcp.  This more or less cancels out the previous case.  However, there is the bonus that opener with 16 hcp can choose whether to play in a 24 pt game by virtue of his inferior/superior declarer play, state of the match, IMPS versus matchpoints etc.

If you choose to answer the poll, there shouldn't be any obfuscation about 'good' and 'bad' points.  As I've said, we should talk about equivalents.  That is, if you want to add a point for a good suit or subtract one  with a 4333, then it's the 'equivalent' points we are talking about.

Maybe I've got this wrong all along in that when books say you should raise with 8-9, they mean 9 with a 4333, but this hasn't been clear to me...

For the purposes of the poll, assume the conditions are matchpoints.



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