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The following multiple choice poll asks you to pick one selection from each grouping by opening bid - it is up to you to follow this guidance so the poll creates a useful result. Simply pick one choice from 1, one from 1, one from 1, etc.  When done, you will have 8 choices.  Sorry, not enough space to include 2N and higher bids. More than 8 choices are not permitted by the software. 

Forcing pass is the final option.  Assume pass otherwise shows a hand unsuitable to open any other way in your system.

Please choose what you prefer to play and have played at some point in time.  

Regards, Steve

Please select up to 8 choices.

1 Artificial / Forcing
1 could be short / all balanced or s
1 Better Minor
1 Artificial Nonforcing
1 Strong / Forcing
1 natural / Unbalanced
1M 5 cards
1M 4 Cards
1M 5 cards forcing
1N 10-12
1N 11-14
1N 14-16 / 15-17
1N Strong Forcing
2 Strong Forcing Artificial
2 Other
2 Weak
2 Flannery
2 Multi (Weak or Strong)
2 Ekrens
2 Precision "4415 minus1" shape 10-15 HCP
2 Roman - All Strengths
2 Other
2 weak
2 5 & 5m, weak
2 "4415 minus 1" 10-15HCP
2 Other
2 Weak
2 5 & 5m weak
2 Weak 2 in
2 Other
Forcing Pass

Sorry, to answer polls. Registered users can vote in polls, and can also browse other users' public votes! and participate in the discussion.

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