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Self-reporting: Cellphones in Long Matches

At the higher levels of play, possession of a cellphone during play must not be allowed. Accordingly, a player may either leave their phone in their room, or they may bring a cellphone to the table for a long segment. However, a phone brought to the table for a long match must remain visible to the opponents at all times. The phone must be in the off position and must not travel away from the table with the player during breaks (bathroom, smoking)within a session. Violation of this policy must be self-reported by the player in violation. A self-reported violation is a punishable by a penalty. A violation not self reported is subject to penalty under the ACBL Conduct and Disciplinary Regulations (or other appropriate conduct regulation) as "conduct unbecoming a member.." A cellphone ringing is the same violation as a phone in the on position. 

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