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Seeking tips for playing against BBO robots

This week, for the first time, I played in a few ACBL robot games on BBO. I practiced with the free games on the BBO home page and read some articles on how to play against robots, but I don’t yet understand their eccentricities.

I’d like to learn more about how the robots are programmed, how to read their carding, their bidding tendencies and anything else that might be helpful.

Specific questions:

What bidding situations should be avoided? So far, I’ve found that the robots don’t understand redoubles higher than the 1-level, sacrifices (my partner freely raised mine to slam) and opener’s rebid after 1NT-Double-Pass (I ran to 2C and my partner took it as Stayman).

How do the robots choose their opening leads? They seem to favor passive leads, but will sometimes make a very risky lead, and there’s no consistency from table to table, even after identical auctions.

The robots often make non-standard leads when switching in the middle of a hand – low from a doubleton, the 9 from J932, K from K10xx (looking at QJx on his right). Do they do this to be deceptive or should I look for a logical reason?

Thanks for any explanations and suggestions you can offer.

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