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Given the prevailing crisis, the clamour for online bridge becomes louder and more persistent.  That  makes sense when we cannot gather together to play and as the situation continues, more and more people will look to win their masterpoints online.  What may happen also is that the really big tournaments will be offered online, whether that comes to fruition remains to be seen.  On this side of the pond there is, basically no organised face to face bridge, the Union is responding well, offering online duplicates and games and they appear to be very popular.


I have had no such luck in rearranging KO matches to play online, none of my opposition seem keen at all.  I wondered if this was merely unfamiliarity with online bridge or perhaps, in a world where people have been known to cheat in full view, an anxiety over security in playing against opponents you cannot see.  Personally, I would be happy to play online, but what security would I, or for that matter, my opponents have, that all is as it should be?  Is Skyping a possible answer, what do you think?

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