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Seating rights

Personally I think seating rights in team matches are overrated. Perhaps it is more important for professional teams with sponsors when they are playing other professional teams, and professional players will play against each other far more than I ever play against anyone, so the opportunity to establish a sense of superiority or inferiority is possible for them.

Anyhow at the strongest weekend in the UK calendar, the Schapiro Spring Foursomes, you are playing 32-board matches in 4 sets of eight boards and there is a coin toss for seating rights. The winner of the toss can choose one quarter to have seating rights and then the other team chooses two quarters. Alternatively the winner of the toss can let his opponents choose one quarter first, and then choose two quarters themselves.

For this poll, assume that you have lost the toss and the opposing captain has invited you to choose which quarter you will have seating rights. They will then choose two quarters and you will be left with the remaining quarter. Normally you know the opponents (and, in my case, they are normally stronger). 

What do you choose and why? 

I would choose Quarter 1
I would choose Quarter 2
I would choose Quarter 3
I would choose Quarter 4

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