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Screens and Pauses

Context: Dutch national pairs competition. Playing with screens.

You are sitting South. Vulnerability: none.

When the board arrives at your side of the table you see that West has passed and your partner has opened 1NT (10-13). East doubles (penalty oriented), you bid 2 (just , unwilling to play in 1NT) and the board leaves your side of the table. 

Now the board is gone for a minute and a half before returning with two passes on it. 

East doubles again and the sky comes crashing down on you. 


By the break in tempo you know it has been West who was thinking/asking questions. Partner would have nothing to think about over a non-forcing 2 escape. I state the break in tempo gives East a "free" opportunity compared to a situation where things moved along in natural tempo. 

The director was called but after explanation the director pretty much shrugged and let the result stand. 

What are your thoughts?



East had something like a 1-4-3-5, 15-count with stiff King of

Nothing happened, move along
Some kind of redress is appropriate

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