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School Bridge promotion - a cross cultural trip to India


In mid February, a group of 6 Danish kids - age 10 to 14 - and two adults spent a week in India on s School bridge promotion trip.

The Idea was to put more focus on why bridge is good for kids, and try to have kids from different cultures use bridge as a common platform.


The basic message to the Indian Schools was that bridge trains and improves

- Concentration – improves learning ability in all subjects

- Cooperation – bridge is a partnership game, based on cooperation

- Communication – important game information is exchanged between partners

- Problem solving – instantly analyzing new bits of information to reach solutions


The above we named "life skills"


And on top of these

- Social skills – Improves social habits and abilities, also across generations

- Networking – Friendships and business contacts

- Fun – why not have fun while getting smarter


We - the Danish delegation, and our fantastic Indian hosts - thougt the results were great, and we really hope this can be an inspiration for others to follow. Youth bridge needs promotion, and we hope to be able to make more events like this.


We have made two reports on the trip (From DK and India):


And a link to Indian TV (youtube, not translated or texted):


I will upload more storys from the trip, as I get hold of them.


Our goals with there activities are

  • to help schools understand why they should teach bridge to their kids
  • to make it clear to parents why bridge is good for their kids
  • and of course, to keep on track changing the image of bridge 


Please don't hesitate to contact me, if you have comments, or need help or inspiration on promoting youth bridge.

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