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Santa Barbara Sectional

Well it was a beautiful day for an up the coast drive so when a local pro asked me to join as teammates for Sunday Swiss I said yes.

The day didn't start so well as the car pool I was in literally lost a(n entire) tire on the way up. (Don't ask, but the bidding theory was great!) We hopped off the freeway and I got back into my Council Bluffs motorhead days and got the spare mounted. We arrived only 10 min early rather than our planned 30 minute cushion.

I wanted to write a review of this event because the facilities were over the top great. We played in a large, well lit gymnasium on the Girls, Inc. property. We got to see the name of one of the regular members of our local club atop the donor recognition board in building. We sat in comfortably padded chairs. The tables were high enough, almost too high for me (6'3"). The lunch, included, was great and worth more than the extra $4 each.  Lots of sodas at 50 cents a can. The pregame snacks looked wonderful although not in my current diet.

Parking was a bit of an issue, but that was about the only downside.

All in all a wonderful event.

And I'm not just saying that.  If you don't live there, do yourself a favor and enjoy a weekend in this beautiful seaside community less than 2 hours from LA and a suitable vacation spot so do a week with a couple of days of bridge thrown in.

4.5 Stars.

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