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Runouts after 1 weak NT doubled

When deciding on a runout scheme for 1NT, a key question is: how important is it to have the ability to play 1NXX (for business, unless you are a dedicated sadist).

Looking at possible scores, my analysis is that the only situation where lack of ability to play 1NXX is when you make 2 overtricks, non-vulnerable, for 330. In practical terms, this only matters significantly at MP. So my favored schemes use the XX mostly as part of some escape mechanism or other. We can play 1NXX after 1N-(p)-p-(X) or 1N-(X)-p-(p), however.

My question is: how important is it to be able to play 1-weak-NT redoubled for business?

Depends on factors not given in the question (please elaborate)

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