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Ruling -- Illegal Convention

During the Wernher Pairs at the recently concluded NABC, an opponent opened the bidding with 2, which was alerted and explained as a preempt in an unspecified minor.  The director was called, and after consulting with the recently implemented ACBL convention charts, ruled that this convention was illegal in this event.  However, she instructed us to continue to play the deal, and that we should call her back if we felt that we had been damaged.  I understand the desire to try to reach an equitable "bridge result" if at all possible, but it didn't feel right to be required to play a deal where an illegal convention was being used.  My question is whether or not there is anything in law or regulation that either permits or prevents the director from making such a ruling.  Are there any "automatic" penalties (or redress to the NOS) for playing an illegal convention?

I should note that the director did give us permission to discuss a defense before the auction continued.  Having already looked at our hands though, it seems that we could have agreed to something that would have fit the actual deal rather than something else that we might have agreed to otherwise.  Obviously we could have used this to our advantage, but of course it would have felt sleazy to do so.  To me, this illustrates one of the problems with requiring us to play the board.

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