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Rubber bridge and the clubs

Do you have a problem with good old fashioned rubber bridge, the not for stakes kind, being promoted in our sanctioned duplicate clubs?

Is there even a place in the Organization for non-duplicate bridge?

Can you see rubber bridge players gathering at our Sectionals, Regionals, and National Tournaments for a session of mama-papa bridge? Once there, maybe they would be able to take a lesson, maybe listen to a few key-note speakers, but really they'd be coming more to just enjoy bridge with other "social" players from all over the country. 

Once there, I see these players maybe having the added benefit of being able to call upon an "expert" player for advice either during a hand (in really informal games) or right after it. Scores can be kept, prizes can be awarded.  Of course table fees, on par with duplicate fees, would be collected.

I see our duplicate players bringing their non-duplicate playing spouses to these events. Beginning rubber bridge lessons, given by local teachers, could be offered to encourage new players to give bridge a try. Something like 32,000,000 people once played some form of rubber bridge, either socially or in clubs. Duplicate bridge has never garnered more than a couple hundred thousand. 

Why not look to rubber bridge to help support our duplicate way of life?

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