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Rosenblum Format

The Rosenblum is a World Championship. The important portion of the event is a Knockout. It also has a qualifying phase to reduce what may be a very large initial entry to the desired number of teams for the KO. 

In my opinion, the minimum length for the KO matches is one day. That is 56 boards, at least. The finals should be at least one-and-a-half days, and two would be better. Thus, if 32 teams get into the KO, it would take (a minimum) of six days from start to completion. With 64 teams in the KO, seven days would be needed.

From a two-day qualifying event, I believe approximately a quarter and certainly not as many as half the teams should get through. This equates the qualifier to two rounds of KO play. Thus if the entry is more than about 150 teams, 64 should go on to the KO rounds. 

A final comment: the Rosenblum should end before the semifinal stage of the World Pairs. Since the World Bridge Games are fifteen days in total, and the Semis and Finals of the Pairs take (at least) four days, the Rosenblum should end at the latest on day eleven. This in turn means that the initial "social" event should not be longer than two days. 

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