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Restricted choice: real life example

Hi folks, I have almost finished my first attempt at writing a book, to be called "51% Certain".

The idea is to explain some techniques from games and trading, to the layman, and see if there may be any usefulness employing them in every day life.

Most examples are from poker, backgammon and trading, but some I have taken from bridge. e.g negative inferences, 1c 1NT, partner telling you 6-11 balanced but you can also infer that he/she denies 4h and 4s.... Partner generally buys you flowers every week, woooohay, but what does it say when they don't buy you flowers? Also, 'on to the next' when it comes to temperament can be a great example for real life when things don't go how we would like. 

Anyway back to the reason for the post...

I am struggling to think of any real life applications of restricted choice (most people don't go on the Monte Hall game show very often). If you can think of any it would be super appreciated. Any examples with humour gets a bonus point. 

Many thanks in advance.

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