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Responses to art strong 2c openings?


I suspect I’m not alone hating the strong 2 club. You pick up a very exiting hand and decide you have to open 2c hoping for some good and informative answers from pd. First he bids 2d waiting (no info so far). OK you go on and bid again. Pd offers a second negative with 3c (or even worse 3 d/h if your rebid was 3 c/d). Apart from the fact pd doesn’t have A, K or QQ I still know nothing. So I’m left at 3d+ almost to myself deciding where to play. It might be possible for me to bid a 2nd suit trying to find at least some sort of fit. Then again it might not be available.

I’m looking for some sort of better bidding after the art. 2c opening. Does it exist? I know some uses 2d as positive waiting and bids 2h as the trash bid. Maybe that’s better. I don’t know, but from what I’ve found on the internet still not nearly good enough.

Am I faced with an unsolvable problem (I already try to avoid 2c opening s as much as I can)? Do I need to go back to strong 2 openings all over? Has anybody thought out a better response structure to the artificial 2c bid? Something transferlike maybe (2d response transfers to h and is either x or y or z).

I’m not an expert. I never will be unless I improve my game. Any help out there?

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