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Reschedule the Schedule

I figure as long as I am bitching and moaning, might as well get it all off my chest.

IMHO, it seems that there are flaws in the current Fall schedule.  Specifically, I cannot figure out why the Senior Mixed Pairs was scheduled for Thurs/Fri instead of Wed/Thurs.

Because two major 3 day events (Reisinger and the Swiss) begin Friday, players who did not qualify for the third day of the BR could not enter the Mixed. Had the event started Wednesday, then (old) people COULD have played in this event and also had their choice of 3 national events from Friday-Sunday.

I know of many who would have liked to enter, but could not because of the schedule. Anyone know the reasoning behind this scheduling?  And - is there any chance the schedule will be changed in the future, so that we can have more choices available to us?

Here's hoping!

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