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I was in Reno all last week at the bridge tournament. So I have three casino stories (forgot to take a photo of the first one)

Played ten lines of a 100 play nickel machine approximating the game I love at the Rampart. It went well - especially KoB Joker where I had my first 5OAK in months ... and then my second. Decided to quit while I was ahead and went to a penny slot. I play them often at the Las Vegas Rampart - all 30 lines but only one cent. This one was free play for three symbols in the center. Had jackpots for 3 through 9 lit characters. 3 returns your money (30 cents which is my play) 4 returns 150, 5 returns 300 and is the first jackpot. Naturally I would not see a jackpot at my level - would have to play $1.50 which I don't. But guess what - I saw something I've never seen - all nine lit up for a nice $750 jackpot for me (14,000 plus if I'd been playing max) and I was so excited I forgot to take a photo.

So I got up eventually from that table, realized I'd left my jacket at the 100 play and went back to find the seat empty. A visit to the Security/lost and found yielded no jacket but the comment that lots of homeless stop in. I hope it's keeping someone warm.

Played the next day after a meeting. Lost my quota and looked for my change purse which was missing from my purse. Checked everywhere I'd been and finally ($600 in it) went back to the podium with little hope to see my money again. Security asked me what the purse looked like, and then my name. The purse had been turned in with every penny still in it. Amazing pair of stories.

Was planning to give away the jacket when I got home to Vegas so small loss except my hat and gloves which will keep someone warm up there.

Home now with jackpots dancing in my head

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