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Rebidding a minor suit at the 4-level

Kx   ATxx   KQJxxxx   VOID      At the table, I opened 1, partner responded 1, I rebid 4.  Showing the hand to a number of good players has led to a spirited discussion on when to rebid 4.  There has been no consensus, so here are my questions:

1.  Is there a convention name for the 4 rebid (or 4 after opening 1)?

2.  Can anyone direct me to an article or treatise on such a rebid?

3.  What is your opinion or practice on the specific -suit hold required for such a bid (Length, required high cards or #winners/losers)?

4.   I'm interested in your thinking on when/how to choose between the splinter rebid and the rebid of 4

Thank you, in advance, for your responses.  Cheers

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