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Reasons to attend the Eastern States Regional (NYC)

The Eastern States Regional is at the New York Hilton May 22-28. The Goldman Pairs are Saturday and SundayMay 26-27.

People haven't always flocked in from the suburbs for New York City Regionals. This year, much has changed and anyone in commuting range should consider coming in for a day or two. Here are a few reasons why:

  1. The Site - Yes, the New Yorker wasn't the best location. We are back at the Hilton which is convenient and has excellent playing conditions.
  2. Expense - Yes, $289 is a lot for a hotel night, but it is New York. You can find creative options on the Internet. Discount parking is available on web sites. Commuting is practical. $22.50 is a high card fee, but it is less than local clubs.
  3. The Bridge - New York City and the Easterns still boast many of the top bridge in players in the country. The Goldman Pairs is a rare opportunity to play in a top-level two-day regional pair game. Even stay-at-home Westchester native David Yates plans to make a rare pilgrimage,
  4. The Coffee - Sadly, nothing we can do about that one. You are still on your own. There is a Starbucks on every block.
  5. Games are over by 6:30pm. Lots of time for a Broadway show or a nice dinner at one of the fabulous restaurants the city has to offer.
  6. Join us for the Charity Game onTuesday evening (May 22) that will support the City Harvest's May childhood hunger campaign. It should be a lot of fun and will contribute to a great cause.
  7. If you are looking for a partner or teammates, we have a Partnership Bulletin Board.

(disclaimer - This post is tied to the GNYBA paid ad on Bridge Winners)

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