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REACH vs. Sectional: One Solution

Per my earlier post, as Coordinator of our Unit's February Sectional I was upset to learn that REACH would overlap with our tournament last Friday, and could significantly lower our attendance.  I brought this up with our District Board members and to their credit they were very sympathetic with our problem.  The Board agreed to compensate our Unit if we had fewer tables that day than we did last year, with the money taken out of the District's share of the REACH funds.  It turned out that we did, in fact, have seven fewer tables last Friday than on the comparable day last February.  Most of the loss was in the I/N game, which is understandable since those would be the people trying for gold points at their clubs.  Of course, there is no way to determine a direct correlation between our smaller attendance and REACH, but given that weather was not a factor, it seemed like the fairest way to determine our compensation.  So we have requested that our District reimburse our Unit for the entry fees for seven tables, less the amount we would have spent on food for those 28 people and seven ACBL table fees.  It came out to about $160, not very much money, but it establishes a precedent in case the same thing happens again to our Unit or another one in our District.  If REACH would not be allowed in clubs within, say, 50 miles of a competing Sectional or Regional, all of this might not be necessary in the future.

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