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Quickborn Unassuming Club - another variation on Polish
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Brian Banklers article on Kielbasa Club inspired me to write about another variation on Polish Club. I agree with Brian that getting rid of the nebulous 1D opening is one of the big advantages of Polish Club over Precision. The second worst Precision opening, 2C, preempting partners 4crd M, however remains.

Having played WNT systems for most of my bridge live, Polish Club with its SNT didn't attract me. That is, until I stumbled upon Don Varvels "An Unassuming Club" (AUC) on Not only does it include a WNT, the 2C opening shows... just clubs.

Just a few examples to show how good this works:

1-1M; 2 = 12-15, 5(+)-4OM

1-1; 1 = 15-18, 4 balanced or 16-18, 5(+)-4

1-1; 2 = 12-18, 5(+)-4

1-1/M; 3 = 16-18, 6(+)

1-1; 1 = most 19+ (but 2, 2M, 2N and 3 and higher are also strong).

1-1M; 2 = 19+, max 3crd M

1-1M; 3 = 19+, 4(+)M

Always showing the strong variant with the 2nd bid is another feature of AUC.

I couldn't resist making two amendments to the opening bids:

1. 1 is always unbalanced. IMO there is no advantage in knowing that a balanced 1 opener does not hold a 4crd . Now that the 1N-rebid is not needed to show a balanced hand, it shows 4-5(+) (or 16-18 5-4 either way).

2. Never open 1 with a genuine 2-suiter. I don't like the idea of showing the first of two 5crds with the 2nd (or even 3rd) bid. 2/ are "transfers" showing either a WT or a strong 2-suiter and 2 is either a minimum or strong with both minors.

Further amendments affect responses and rebids, mostly to harmonize sequences after 1- and 1-opening bids in order to mimimize strain on memory.

I call the system "Quickborn Unassuming Club" (QUC), because the bridge club where I started playing after a 33 year hiatus is located in Quickborn, a township near Hamburg, Germany.

Time for a summary of the opening bids in QUC:

1 = 12-18, 4+, always unbalanced, may have longer .

1M = 10-18, 5(+), may have longer minor.

1N = 12-14, balanced, not 5M.

2 = 12-15, 6(+), (weak) 4crd possible, but not 4crd M.

2/ = weak two in / or strong 2-suiter with /.

2 = minor 2-suiter, minimum opening or strong

2N = 21-22, balanced, not 5M.

We open 1 with

a) 12-18, 5(+)-4M,

b) 16-18, 6(+),

c) 15-18, balanced,

d) 12-18, 4414,

e) 23+, balanced,

f) 19+, unbalanced, except 2-suiters.

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