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Question about declarer's sides obligations when an incorrect explanation has been given

Had this hand today at a local club duplicate Hands given in order  SHDC

East has  5 Q75  KQJ943  J54

West has  KQT3  AK98  72  A32

West deals and we get this bidding (no bids from NS) (a) for when an alert was given 



3H(a)-3NT all pass

Before making my lead, I asked for explanations. This is what I was told.

1C ( precision 16+) 1S ( artificial showing 5+ D with 10+ pts OR 6+ H with 7-9 pts) 

1NT ( balanced 16-18 ) 2D ( transfer to H and showing the heart option

3H ( super accept - 3NT 

The dummy that came down was NOT as advertised. My lead was NOT teh 1 that worked on this hand

So the questions are:

If 2D was a transfer, should the bid be alerted OR announced

Should dummy give the information that he had forgotten their agreement when he bid 2D.

They both stated that 2D as a transfer was their agreement.


Thank you for the help


The 2D transfer should be alerted
The 2D transfer should be announced
Dummy should give the information about the bidding to the opps
Dummy is not obligated to give the information to the opps
If not obligated to share the info, should Dummy etically ( and/or morally ) give teh opps the info anyways

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