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QUC - continuations after other opening bids

In my last article on QUC, I give you an outline of our bidding structure after 2-level opening bids.

Over 1M just use whatever you are used to, just take into consideration that the upper limit is 18 points. You might as well reduce the lower limit a tiny bit, which is what we do. our way is F1NT with Modified Gazilli and 2/1 not quite FG (KS inspired).

Over 1N you can also use your familiar structure, especially if you are already playing WNT. We use double transfers, although I prefer condensed transfers.

If pard opens 2 you don't have to think about 4crd M. 2/ are transfers and accepting the transfer denies a 3crd fit. 2 is a general asking bid. So far this exactly as in the original AUC. I just mention the sequences 2-2; 2-2: non-forcing invite with 5-5 in the majors and 2-2/; 2/- 3/OM stopper, but could be genuine 2-suiter. If they overcall we have penalty doubles and Lebensohl.

The transfer openings 2 and 2 are usually WT of course. (As a side question: Why are they banned in ACBL land? There is an anchor suit.) Responder completes the transfer if no game opposite a WT. 3/4M are preemptive, but if we preempt with an ace we jump in the Ace-suit in case opener is strong. After transfer completion opener bids his second suit with the strong variant (non-forcing) or forces with 2N (then 3 asks for 2nd suit with 3M showing 5M-5).

Responders 2N is "Jolene" (July), a variation on Ogust (August). With 7 losers bid 3N (since we open light this is a solid suit, nothing outside), with 8 losers bid 3 (responder can ask about suit quality with 3), with 9 losers you bid 3M. Strong hands are shown with 3 (minor, 3 asks), 3 (both Majors if 2-opening). One special sequence: 2-2N; 3-3; 3 shows 3crd .

After 2-opening responder bids natural, 3M is invitational. 2N shows either a bust (max 1 cover card) or a strong hand. Continuations over 2-2N; 3: pass/3 weak preference, 3M stopper or good 5(+) (opener raises with 5-5-3-0), 3N 6ABW snd 4Y RKCB.

If for obscure reasons you can't use the transfer openings, there are 2 possibilities.

1. Multi, including strong 5-5 minors (If you insist that this is a semi-forcing with a minor there shouldn't be objections). 2N is the weak minor 2-suiter and 2M is F1, natural with a strong two-suiter.

2. 2 is any strong 2-suiter. This is a semi-forcing 2-suiter. 2N again for the weak minor 2-suiter

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