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public letter to Sr. Giannarigo Rona

Dear Sr. Rona,

Let me introduce myself. I am not a world class player so I may be of less institutional importance, but I respectfully ask you to step down. I have watched as the WBF, under your watch, has ignored evidence of widespread cheating (involving teams from Italy, Monaco, Poland, Germany and Israel at a minimum). You personally have embraced disgraced Italian/Monagast players, interfered with Zia as he publicly attempted to express his outrage at the cheating and have never once deigned, either directly or through a representative, to address the bridge public in this forum. 

All of us recognize that the CAS ruling was a setback to bridge, but where is the support the WBF needs to give the EBL in its efforts to clean up the "sport"? Why is the WBF continually unable to actually police itself? Why are fiscal records hidden? 

You could have addressed any and all of these issues and taken the lead in saving our game from vultures. I personally see no sign of this but WOULD BE HAPPY TO BE PROVED WRONG. If instead I am not, please resign and let someone else do the hard and necessary work.



mike lipkin

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