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Psychic Partner (but not in the usual sense of the word)

I have raised this question in a couple of other places but think that here on BW I might get a deeper discussion as I still have no idea what to do for the best.

Thiis situation occured twice a few years back with two different partners. The sequences and conventions were not identical but the dilemmas were 

LHO opens 1NT. I overcall 2D - by systemic agreement D + Major. Pards alerts and, in response to a question says "D and H", which is what I have in fact.

I know the law - I wait for the end of the auction. I become declarer so I should now call the director and explain that there has been a mistaken explanation which surely carries the implication that I don't have D & H... but I do.

Does my legal obligation to announce the ME over-ride my ethical obligation not to mislead the defenders? My solution in the end was to play the hand out both times and then call the director and explain my dilemma. Fortunately, the directors were understanding and the opponents didn't feel that they had been disadvantaged but with the SB as director and a pair of litigants as opps things might have been different

What would you do?



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