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Psyche Story

Many moons ago, near the end of a sectional pairs event which we were well out of contention my partner (Vince Oddy) decided to psych and opening bid AND he rebid. I placed the contract at 3NT and with the 3 count in the dummy finished an inglorious 7 X 50 down. They were cold for 3/4 NT vul.



My opps were Rick Derlagio on my left and Chuck ("Squeezer") Messinger.


Chuck should have whacked us as he had KQJX in Vince's first bid suit and a side ace.   

Rick was incensed when he saw the dummy. 

He asked Vince - "do you always psyche when you're having a bad game?" 

Vince, grabbed the bait and said - "what makes you think we are having a bad game?"

Rick said - "I saw your afternoon scores." (we were below average)

Vince said "we made it all up and more, including this hand."


Rick muttered something inaudible to me (Chuck and I are speechless) and Vince tells him, "if you have a problem - call the director."

Rick says - "if I did that - I'd be just a big a prick as you". (Chuck and I fear hand to hand, mortal combat pending) 

Vince calls the director - who did zero to chastise Rick for his inappropriate language. 

At the end of the day, after seeing the results, this poor result knocks them from 3rd to 5th, and a normal result would have secured second, but of course a double and huge plus would have won them the event. Vince, unable to resist gloating - said "I handed you chance to win the event and you blew it." 

Chuck and I were silent. 

I was stunned by the anger of one player at a legal play. 

Still, we agree to disagree. 

And I hope there are no hard feelings. 

Maybe only about mentioning names. I think the names add veracity.

And yes, it was a different game with a different culture back then - probably at least 20 - 25 years ago. Maybe more....can't recall.


















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