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Proposing a Simple Rule for Good-Bad 2NT

I've been thinking about rules for when good-bad 2NT applies and would like to come up with something that's simple, concise, objective, and that covers the cases when I want it to apply. I appreciate that may be different from the cases when you want it to apply.

Bergen laid out some rules in Better Bidding with Bergen II (I can post them if anyone wants), but there are 13 of them, some seem subjective, they don't cover all the cases when I'd want it to apply (e.g., in balancing seat or when the last bid was X by us), and they include some cases when it's not clear to me that they need to apply or to be specified by a separate rule (e.g., 2C, X or XX by RHO).

I'm wondering whether the following might do it, for my regular partnerships, and also for new or temporary partnerships that want to have an agreement but not necessarily take the time to go through all the conditions when it applies:

When game is possible and we are not using a predetermined defense against their conventional call,

2NT is limit raise or better if our side has opened or overcalled in a major suit *.

Otherwise, 2NT is good-bad if the last suit bid was 2D or higher by the opponents.

If game is not possible, 2NT asks partner to choose among contracts at the 3 level.

*If you're not playing 2NT as limit raise or better, then you might need to specify some other exceptions, depending on your views on auctions such as 1S (2H).

15-17 notrump and IMPs-oriented system, if it matters.

I can think of one exception to the rule as I've stated it (when the opps previously overcalled 2C and the last suit bid is 2D by them), but if this turned out to be one of a small number of exceptions, it might be simpler to list exceptions than to re-write the rule to account for them.

Thanks in advance for your thoughts on when good-bad should apply and how best to define it. Examples that are test cases for the rule as stated or the underlying methods are welcome.

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