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Prize money in bridge?

I was thinking, one of the reasons that attract some younger players to poker and chess and video games is that there's a good amount of prize money for the top players, not only for winning but often times expenses covered for invitationals. It doesn't have to be a lot to make you rich like in some games but it needs to be enough to provide reasonable living expenses to allow you to play full time without having to find a client. If you can consistently win 2-3 of the to events every year it should be at least the equivalent of min wage (lets say $15/hour to cover most areas of the nation) That would be 52x40x15 or around $30k/year. So that would mean 10k for winning the 3 major events, vanderbilt, spingold, reisinger. And maybe like 3k/5k for other national events depending on participation/prestiege of the events, and a couple hundred to a thousand for open regional events depending on the size and a couple hundred (100/200/300) for certain limited events. This would be disadvantageous to casual club players as they will have to pay a dollar or two more but it's offset by the prize winnings should they win at regionals.

To attract younger players that aren't great at the game can still offer the same youth discounts we do now.

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