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Presumably, a Sad State of Affairs?

Today, in a response to my invitation to a local player to team with me and my partner to an upcoming regional, I received the following:


"Thanks, Ed, but I'm playing with ______. At Greenville, our team would end up in the top bracket where we would be chum for the pros.

____  and I will play pairs. Good luck, and thanks for thinking of me."


This is a common (often unspoken) theme.  And the problem, if it is one, is often aired in one way or another on this forum.


Yes, we can agree that there are "too many regionals" or that competent players should welcome the experience of playing against the best.  But that doesn't altogether cut it.   Other than just paying off a small handful of top teams with mpts or "cancelling" the top bracket (which has been done), what should we, as ACBL members, suggest to the ACBL hierarchy?


For me, imps is "real bridge."  And I think it also is to the many who would rather settle for matchpoint play rather than tangle with the heavy hitters, board after board.


All in all, methinks this is a quandary.   


Best to simply live with it?

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