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Precision MAFIA with 4/5 and 3

So, as we know from Dan O'Neill's popular SMP book and other places, the Precision sequence 1-1-1 shows 4 or more hearts and is a one round force.  1 shows 4+ spades of any strength (0-7 HCP anyway) and 2 shows exactly 3 hearts and a semi-positve (6-7 HCP).

Which takes preference if you happen to have both 4 spades AND 3 hearts AND a semi-positive?  What about when you have 5 spades and 3 hearts?  If you start with 2, aren't you missing out on games when Opener has 44 in the majors and tries to stop in 2 thinking he's only got a 7 card fit?  On the other hand,  if you start with 1 and Opener now bids 2 on a decent 1534 hand,  how do you manage to show that you have an 8 card fit AND a semi-positive without ending up at the 3 level when Opener has bid 2 on his decent 1435 hand?

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