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Positional 1NT-defences

This is a quite simple idea, really. I just never heard anyone play it before.

When we overcall opps' strong(14+) 1NT-opening, we prefer to put the opener on lead if we win the contract, so (s)he gets to lead away from strength.

Therefore, we should use different models when overcalling in 2nd hand, vs 4th hand.

In second hand, we prefer transfer bids to make partner more likely to declare.

In fourth hand, we prefer natural bids, to make overcaller more likely to declare.

A simple transfer model in 2nd hand, could be:

  • (1NT)-X    = A) Transfer to 5+clubs.   B) Both majors, hearts longer/better than spades (rebid 2D).
  • (1NT)-2 = A) transfer to 5+diamonds.  B) Both majors, Spades longer/better than hearts (rebid 2H).
  • (1NT)-2 = Transfer to 5+hearts.
  • (1NT)-2 = Transfer to 5+spades.
  • (1NT)-2 = 4spades + longer minor.
  • (1NT)-2NT = Both minors.

While in 4th hand against strong-1NT, we could use any model where you mostly bid naturally, for example, "Mixed DONT":

  • 1NT-P-P-X = A) Single-suited clubs.   B) Diamonds + higher suit.
  • 1NT-P-P-2 = Clubs + higher suit.
  • 1NT-P-P-2 = Natural.
  • 1NT-P-P-2 = Natural.
  • 1NT-P-P-2 = Natural.
  • 1NT-P-P-3 = Both minors.

The above models, can be varied a bit as long as the main tendency is: transfers in 2nd hand, natural in 4th hand.

Another model suitable for 4th hand (mostly natural) is one I previously described:

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