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Pop History: The Savage World of Big Bridge (Life Magazine, March 18, 1957)

A colourful 1957 article from Life Magazine about the leading American tournament bridge players of the day. It's quite amusing to read descriptions of bridge players and their relations with each other that are [nearly?] as sensationalized as "pro wrestling" (described by one comedian as a soap opera for men) is in the modern era.

All sorts of funny little anecdotes and tidbits, and some unsourced stats about the growth of tournament bridge after WWII. The author states that in the past decade the number of tournament players had increased from 11,000 to 65,000, 1956 Summer National attendance broke 10,000, and that there were a little over 1,000 life masters as of 1957.

The standout from this story for me was that at the time George Rapee was supposedly organizing a big ex-ACBL invitational tournament in Havana for the "cream of the crop" of American bridge players to be held in a couple of months' time (so mid-1957?). I've never read anywhere else whether this actually happened. Does anyone know different?

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