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EDIT: More than a month later than promised (I apologize!), here is my report, unmodified from the version that I turned in for the class:

I would not recommend trying to read it, especially f you are not familiar with ANOVA and other statistical methods! Just skim this summary:

A poll of members of the social networking site was taken, with 50 responses. Each respondent rated his or her skill level as either Intermediate, Advanced, or Expert, and estimated the number of hours spent per week playing the game online (note: this is only time spentplaying. Kibitzing, reading articles, etc, are excluded). Here is a snapshot of the poll data:

  • Intermediate: average 5.33 hours/wk, std dev 4.96
  • Advanced: average 5.18 hours/wk, std dev 5.18
  • Expert: average 1.93 hours/wk, std dev 2.91

An Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) was run on these data in order to test the hypothesis that skill level and amount of online play are, in some way, associated.

The analysis produced an F statistic of 4.5, which yields a p-value of 0.0163. This means that the probability of there being no association, in light of the poll results above, is only 0.0163. Since this figure is below the standard significance level of 0.05, we conclude thatskill level andonline play are associated.

(Just glancing at the poll the results, it seems thatthe association goes something like this: Advancing players go online a lot, but slow down quite a bit once they hit the expert level; as skill level goes up, online play goes down. But this a hand-wavy idea, the study only provides evidence that an association exists.)


This analysis is unreliable. The pollwas not a random sample of bridge players, but a voluntary poll of BridgeWinners. At best the conclusion of the study applies only our wonderful community, not bridge players in general. But even then, I suspect the non-random aspect introduced quite a bit of bias.

EDIT: I now have more than enough data. Thanks to everyone who responded! I'll post the results of my study this weekend. Basically, I am going to use ANOVA to guesstimate how much (if at all) skill level and online play are associated.

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I am in the last week of a statistics class, and need some data to analyze and write up. If you could provide the information below in a comment or a private message, I would greatly appreciate it!

1) Your opinion of your skill level in bridge, as either "Beginner", "Intermediate", "Advanced", or "Expert"

EDIT: there were some questions about this, so what I'm asking is to rate your ability against the broad worldwide community of duplicate bridge players.

2) Your ACBL ranking, if appropriate

3) Approximately how many hours per week you play bridge online. EDIT: I'm specifically referring to how much you *play*, not counting kibitzing, teaching, bidding practice, etc

About the assignment, if you are interested:

Students are expected to collect raw data for analysis. I will be analyzing the results of this poll, primarily through an Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) hypothesis test, and writing a semi-professional report to be turned in at the end of the week.

Thanks for your help!

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