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Polish contingent in Denver

It was impossible not to notice the numerous groups of Polish players from the pictures on the Daily Bulletin from the last day of Fall NABC in Denver.

Josef Blass posted a short note congratulating Grzegorz Narkiewicz and Jacek Pszczola on the achievements of young Polish players in which he mentioned . Josef received a number of inquiries about his note (among them, Barry Rigal) and asked me to prepare this short note about Bridge24.

Approximately three years ago Grzegorz Narkiewicz and Jacek Pszczola approached two prominent Polish businessmen, Igor Chalupiec and Tomasz Sielicki about creating some kind of system to promote young Polish bridge players in the international arena. The foundation Bridge24 has been set up in Warsaw with the objective of creating the framework for such a system.

The current system, which involves very intense coaching, practices, and limited financial support has been remarkably successful.

Among the players listed in the Denver Bulletin, Chmurski, Kalita, Nowosadzki, and Tuczynski are currently Bridge24 participants. Zatorski was one of the original participants.

A very important component of Bridge24 success is giving participants the opportunity to work and play with “old” masters, like Lesniewski, and Pszczola, and “not so old” masters like Buras and Narkiewicz.

The process is evolving. It includes two women pairs and some pairs of junior players.

I think that this should give you some glimpse of what we are doing. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions, or need more information.

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