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Playing up in KO's - what am I missing?

At a recent regional, my team of about 6K total points was looking to play up.   We don't play that often and feel that our play is significantly greater than our MP total would indicate.    A number of years ago several of us asked to play up, the request was denied, and two of our 4 opponents quit at the break.  The other matches weren't close either.  It was no fun for anyone involved, and not rewarding to win.

This time, I was told we could play up only if moving to the top bracket, which was fine with some of my team, but since others didn't want to move that far up, we stayed where we "belonged" (Second-lowest point total in bracket 3 of 4).  I understand not being able to move up if you are pushing someone else down, but none of the brackets were full, so it seems this should be accommodated when possible.

Further, the directors were very nice, willing to move us up (only to the top) if we wanted to but were reluctant for what I consider an odd reason.    Adding a team to the top bracket would REDUCE the MP awarded, since that award was calculated by average MP of each team.     Logic tells me ADDING a team shouldn't make the bracket easier to win for everyone.  At the very least, a team playing up shouldn't count toward the average in the bracket if this is how awards are computed.  The top bracket shouldn't be punished for having to beat 11 other teams rather than 10.

Is this just another example of ACBL "logic" or am I missing something?

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