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Playing Negative Free Bids, what is proper alerting procedure after partner's negative double?

And while we're at it, if folks have advice for structures to handle opener's strong hands after the NegX, in a 2/1, SNT context, please feel free to chime in. For example, you hold Ax AKJxx KQJx xx and it goes 1H-(2C )-X-(P ), what’s your call?

or Ax AKJxx xx KQJx , same auction?

or Axxx KQJxx Axx x after 1H-(2D )-X-(P ) ?

or AKJxx Ax Axx xxx after 1S-(2C )-X-(P )?


Alert the NegX immediately as "could be a normal NegX hand or could be a GF hand with a 5+ card suit"
Do not alert the NegX, but alert a subsequent new suit by partner

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