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Play Records, Another Argument for E-Bridge (not necessarily online bridge)

I was inspired to think about this by Jeff Lehman's thread on Tiers of National Championship Events.

Wouldn't it be great to have electronic (not necessarily online) play for prestigious events (such as the Platinum Pairs) so that:

Until such time as I qualify for the actual PPs, I could play in an event styled as a "shadow PP" where at the end of the event I could compare my auction to Lorenzini's (and others) and my card play to Rosenberg's (and others), etc.

Data input would be overwhelming unless the event were held using actual electronic play format. However, like pre-duplicated boards and hand records, I suspect the popularity of the format would overwhelm other formats within a very short period of time. Advancing players would very much appreciate the additional information.

The expense of tablets (hardware devices), software, etc. for such an event would seem to be, over the long run, much less than current costs of duplicating boards for each event, bridgemates, etc. (Don't get me started on dot matrix printers as opposed to video screen displays).

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