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Placing a whole heap of bidding cards on the table.

Twice this week, my first call has been 6C. That's 26 bits of card from the bidding box placed on the table at one go.

Both bids worked in so far as they brought home the imps. Not so many points but extreme distribution.

They were not my biggest slab of bidding cards to hit the table in one go. Earlier this year, I overcalled 1S with another extreme 2 suiter and at my next turn, merely bid my second suit at the lowest available level. That was seven hearts as my LHO raised her partner's opening 1D to the 7 level. Even at unfavorable vulnerability, that was a good sacrifice but I was topped at another table where the auction went P-(1D)-1S-(7D)-P-(P)-7S and indeed, even that was beaten by my partner on this hand who bid 7S after twice passing. That was 34 bits of card dropped onto the table.

Can anyone top that with a first call of 7NT (at sensible bridge)?

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