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Had one discussion withs some friends about pairings sometime ago and just looking at Chicago pairings i remember it again and want more opinions about it.

In Chess, after seeds are 1-64, number 1 play against 33, 2 against 34, 3 against 35 until 32 x 64.

The idea is everyone has same difficulty to go to next round.

In Bridge is 1x64, 2x63, until 32x33 , so number 1 has the more easy task in theory due to biggest difference until match 32x33 which is almost 50-50 to advance.

I respect and understand any opinions, just as old professional chess player for me looks much more fair the chess way :-) But i see almost all my local friends says bridge has the most fair way...

So my question is:

Whats the more fair way of pairing for most players and teams, in your opinion?

I am not asking whats "best" or "correct", just which one is more fair to most players.




Chess way
Bridge way
No opinion / Other / Both are unfair / Both equally fair

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