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Opening a Bridge Club

I really enjoyed Gavin's article a couple of months ago about the problems facing Hazel's club. I am opening a new club this fall at a time that many bridge clubs are struggling.

Why opena club? I am a full time teacher who is tired of dealing with local churches trying to find space and time for my lessons. The current clubs in Atlanta run most of their games at 10:30, too early to teach a lesson prior to the game.

Atlanta has several clubs, but none in a central location. Our three full time clubs are located out in the suburbs. With rents as low as they will ever go, I decided to take the plunge. I already have a director moving three of her games to my club. She will bring in 250 tables a month which should get my club off to a good start.

I am hoping to get positive feedback and constructive ideas from the readers of Bridge Winners. Please feel free to post any ideas or comments you have.

Already decided are:

games times at noon and 6:00 pm

a dealing machine with preduped hands

free coffee and sodas I am looking at differennt coffee brewing systems, airpots seem the way to go.

Wood tables from the woodworker who built the Hendersonville club tables. They have wings with cup holders. I wanted to get the felt tables from Poland. They are really nice looking; but they were going to be very expensive, and several people felt that the tops would get stained and need to be replaced frequently.

Haven't Decided

I am trying to decide on software

bridge pads or bridge mates

Supplies from Bridge Buddy or Baron Barclay

Stand alone clock or use a Big Monitor with PC software


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