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Online Master Points - ACBL Success?

It is not necessary to be an ACBL Member to vote, or to react.  Similar information from other NBO's could prove both helpful and enlightening!


(Thanks to Len Fettig):  "The Quip reports have membership data.  As of 12/31/2017 there were 165,207 members.  The average age of members has increased and now stands at 72.18 years ."


My first peek at my ACBL Member Profile in a couple of years seems to have revealed that:


25,038 (15.2%) of those have ever won a fraction of a Online Master Point. (A guess here is that ACBL Members who do not reside in North America contribute a bit disproportionately to this total).


Of these, only about 13,000 (about 7.9%) have won a total of more than 30 Online Master Points.


There has been an apparent push for well over a decade, and a known "Big Idea", to promote and promulgate online bridge from within the ACBL.  The low number of ACBL Members who seem to have interest in, and/or achievement in, this easiest and most modest level of play and accomplishment, is surprising to me.


Your surprise, if any, could be of delight, or chagrin.  Is online bridge and/or the online master point structure successful, or can it be successful?  Is this group of players destined to remain about the same size, as with ACBL Members who attend NABC's?  Does the average Member age play a significant role?  Are these players mostly domestic Members, or Members from outside North America?


The Online Master Point Member Number is Not Surprising
The Online Master Point Member Number is Surprisingly High
The Online Master Point Member Number is Surprisingly Low
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