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On hiring a "Pro"

I had an interesting question asked of me recently by a Non-LifeMaster. Not sure what I think about it. So I thought I'd ask you good people.

What do you think about the idea of an A/X capable player with <750 MP's playing for pay in Gold Rush Pairs events, which typically cater to NLM's in need of Gold Points in order to make LifeMaster?

Gold Rushes are ACBL regionally rated 2-session stratified events for those in the 0-750 range . It's the lowest end pairs event you can get into that awards Gold points in the overalls (0-300 and 0-750).

This is awful. Don't do it. It's offering LifeMasterhood for the purchase.
Pfft. If this isn't kosher, neither is Team Monaco.
DO EEET NOW! I would!
If someone asked you and offered to pay for the privilege of playing with you, fine...but advertising would be gauche.
Other (please explain)

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