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OK, Speraccepts with Stiff...

The ACBL has now allowed opening bids with the stiff honor.  Hence we now need and have the ability to modified structures for super acceptances accordingly. I thought I would start a thread for people to start thinking about ideas.


My initial thought is that a stiff Ace is huge in comparison to a stiff king or queen. The one under super acceptance is one that I have avoided except with extreme reason. It takes away the retransfer and is problematic. However with a stiff Ace the hand is so powerful.  I am now thinking that the one under seems like a good candidate for the maximal super acceptance and a Singleton Ace in some location. However because there is no room to ask perhaps perhaps the one under should be a stiff Ace in the other major.

That hand however perhaps perhaps perhaps should be 4 by 1 because of the potential need to indicate the long second suit if 1435 or 1453.  I personally do I personally do not have much problem with 1453 however. I would use a delayed canape.  Regardless maybe the solution is not needed yet. Or maybe it is illusion. For instance you could then have the next call ask that question.

It might be worthwhile to come to come up with a list of the likely hand types where a Singleton will be present. It also seems worthwhile to have another call lower to show some sort of Singleton holding that is the king or queen or or possibly in a minor if that is possible.

For that matter it it seems like a good place and time to discuss how to show a Singleton in non-super acceptance sequences and in sequences we're a major is not the focus such as after minor suits stayman or even after a simple 2NT  game try.

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