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Odd ruling

In the finals of a Toronto event, in a 1 NT contract, with 4 tricks already won, the end position was (spots approximate)




A 2 3






K 4 5



With the lead in his hand, DECLARER stated, "I'll take the marked finesse, pitch a  and concede a "

Everyone was OK until the DUMMY said, "But if someone has the Q of and 4 , you have a squeeze."

I (RHO) said I had that holding, so opponents summoned a DIRECTOR.

She said, "I'm not happy with DUMMY suggesting a line of play."

DUMMY said, "But you can't concede a trick it's impossible to lose.  The hand plays itself.  A little old lady could make it."

I said, "You now know my remaining cards."

DIRECTOR said, "You volunteered that information," and allowed DECLARER to play it out and make an overtrick.

I was somewhat stunned by the ruling, and since it didn't make a difference in whether we won the event, I did not appeal.

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